“Aziooo For Rocking With Me” Eric Geso Rain Praises On His Loyal Fans.

Exciting news from Eric Geso!

The stage killer took to his Facebook page in disseminating adequate information about the release of his well put together album tag “Aziooo” meaning” THANK YOU”. This amazing  heavyweight album will be release on May 15th. The energetic super star stated that he started off his journey as orphan and had to struggle for everything but his fans keep giving the reason of going on day by day but his overall biggest motivation comes from his  Music and two lovely kids which keep him focused and disciplined. He when on by saying  “I remember nights when I left work at the gas station and had to go directly to the studio, I remember days when I had nothing to eat, but chose to spend the little money I had on studio sessions, I remember a time when I had no respect from my fellow musicians in the industry but i kept the faith of what could be. I have been blessed beyond every measures and with these blessings i present to you my first ever album which is coming soon. Aziooo for rocking with me since my hard head boy days”.

#OnlyGodAbove #StageKiller

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