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BEATWIND FIRE PLAYLIST Featuring EDEE || E-FIXED (all the best)


It has been an exciting moment working on a playlist that features two of Liberia brightest young artists in person of EDEE and E-FIXED. Their individual talents has given hope to the entire music industry, in the case of top names being subsided, there will be potential names to reflect on. Apart from music, EDEE has been very instrumental in the graphic design sector of the Liberian based entertainment. As we all know graphic work are the key factors in promoting online marketing and branding, EDEE has worked with all the top Liberian artists in and out of Liberia, giving them that sparkling graphical representation a super star may need. With Edee present situation, he’s all set and ready for huge investment that will definitely blow him up to the top, because he already possesses all the qualities an investor may be looking for. With SAMI MUSIC ARTIST E-FIXED showing no sign of slowing down, he always working hard on a daily basis. The Talent of E-FIXED is so bright, it comprises the ability of switching between any music genre and his fan base is growing day by day. On a top interview yesterday with the Beatwind Media Team, E-FIXED said that the difficulties experience in the Liberian music industry can’t hold him back from working hard, as he already has the juice and sauce, and he’s waiting on the day opportunity will meet hard work, the top spot will discuss that. With all been said, Beatwind is jumping in the middle to piece together all the creative work of art that has been done by these talented artists right on the BEATWIND FIRE PLAYLIST. We give you easy access in downloading all their songs right on the playlist. 

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