10 Faithvonic – Since 2017, Faithvonic only needed one record to enable her ascent to the industry food chain.. This year (2018) so far, she has exhibited significant readiness to explode beyond Liberia.. Faith is the hottest female musician making waves this year with her songs penetrating every radio stations and corners..

9 Revoluxon Rocky – He has been making name for himself since his explosion on the scene. Revoluxon Rocky is a complete rapper that only needs a pair of “takkies” to start flowing through the beat like a beast..He’s Mr. bars on bars, insane and he keeps it coming..He is one of the best lyricist in the rap game so far in 2018.

8 Teddy Ride – He has achieved fame for himself through his music. His energy during performances always keep the fans locked to the show, making him one of the hottest Liberian artist so far in 2018. Teddy ride songs on his Sugar Daddy album are well structured and of concept and is been play in every corner.

7 Kobazzie – It’s impressive to know that kobazzie consistency since 2016 has become normalized. This year so far has been pretty much normal services from the ‘Lorma boy’. Kobazzie opened with the rise of” Lib jue” and “Abeliabah”, and he has ended up with a basket of hits and speculative winning record (Bounce).

6 Jaredo – One of the fastest growing artist in the Liberian music industry Jaredo is talented, the manner in which he deliver hit songs has never drops (lyrically or in style). No matter the topic of the song, he just seems to be the perfect one in handling every musical task that comes his way. At his age, he is already creating his own sound, telling his own story and making significant hit songs. Jaredo is one of the hottest so far this year releasing hit songs like; “Eat I Eat” and “In the ring” that were received on local and international levels.

5 Cjay – Key vocalist of Bilikon entertainment, he rose to a higher height after the released of his hit single “Boss chick” that gained more air play and promotion from every DJs and entertainers. Cjay hit songs this year so far are;
My vow
Put it on me
These are all new age Liberian love songs that is very classic, unique and has gained acceptance by critics and fans as well.

4 PCK and L’ Frankie – The Afro duo are noted for releasing hit songs since the day they landed on the Liberian music landscape. The duo song “Go down” has received numerous downloads and is presently one of the hottest banger in and out of the country.

3 Stunna – His musical career has experienc growth through his excellence performances, he has been able to attract huge followers after releasing couple of hit songs. February 14, Stunna released his hit single”baby o” and it has become an international breakthrough. Lately Stunna collaborated with Marvin Records hit maker “Iyanya” on a dope single “Balance” that is wildly play through out Liberia and the world at large.

CIC – Is one of the best lyricist in the industry right now. CiC flows, creative bars, and beautiful storytelling has lead us to believing that he is the best in the game so far. If you hate him, look at his original works that is boomimg around this 2018 like:
Hello,Weekend and Styleeyen. CiC is significantly one of those musicians who has transformed the general outlook and perception of Liberian music.

1 Deng – He is one of the outstanding musician in Liberia today. He has gained significant popularity and made so money as well.. The most impressive thing about his music is, it has gone beyond Liberia to reach international heights.. Deng is the hottest Liberian artist this year(2018), as he continue touring and gaining global recognitions.

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