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Can this put an end to the many excuses??? We finally got you.

{Liberian Songs Are About To Get On Sale And In The Easiest Way}


By: @dj_jus.ville

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BeatWind.Com team has been working overnight but quietly. It’s a pleasure to finally announced to all entertainers in and out of Liberia whom have been wishing for the easier ways of purchasing Liberia Songs that the music site which will host the songs for easy purchase is finally built and all other projects have been concluded. The technical team at Beatwind have been working for several months in making sure that for once let’s have the simplest online purchasing system, for the common man who love Liberia music and wanna show love and support to Liberian artists. For the system, individual who don’t have a Visa card but wanna buy Liberian songs online this is good news for you, all you need be a SMART PHONE owner and should get a BEATWIND MUSIC CARD that will enable you download. Beatwind is set to bring Technology to the common people.


For more information, Tune in to Kool FM as Amb Djweezy D Boss will play hosts to the entire Beatwind family for the preview of the unique system.

Time: 7:00 PM

Date: Wednesday November 21st 2018



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