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Cozea Naagon Gwaikolo AKA CO.Z is a Liberian Hip Hop Artist and songwriter based in Liberia, West Africa. He was born unto the union of Johnson and Gifty Gwaikolo on Septmeber 28th, 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the United Methodist University. CO.Z was inspired early on during his life by both American and African musicians. Hip Hop is the standard style of his music mixed with a form of Liberian musical flow of Hipco using Liberian vernacular. CO.Z recorded his first professional song with his rap group AKH at Taylor Sounds Records in North Minneapolis in 2003. Since then many doors have been opened such as live performances, industry connects and songs.

After featuring on many records and live performances CO.Z along with his partners at Liberty Ent. decided on producing a solo album in 2014 called “State of the Union”. The album featured top local and international artists such as Sweetz, F.A., Scientific and many more. The State of the Union sold over 4,000 copies within the first 4 months. CO.Z became known for his lyrical artistry after flooding the internet and local radio stations with a song every week which was called the “Weekly Report”. The weekly report after more than 36 weeks had over 10,000 downloads online on Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Hulkshare combined. Since then he has released many mixtapes and other projects including the Paynesville Syndicate Series and the most recent Rambo Vs commando EP which was downloaded more than 100,000 times in just 2 weeks in early 2018. He has graced the occasion with his performance at major concerts including the Soundcity Concert, Annual Minnesota Hip Hop festival, MTV Desire Concert, etc.
CO.Z has been nominated for several awards by the Liberia music awards, Liberia Golden Awards and Tunesliberia. In 2016/2017 he won the Best Hip Hop artist by Tunesliberia and once again in 2017/2018. CO.Z has also been involved with organizations such as Warrior Arts which is charitable NGO geared towards empowering and uplifting adolescents through arts & craft. In 2017 CO.Z was actively involved in the Liberian voter process by hosting a nationwide tour on VOTER AWARENESS and CIVIL EDUCATION.
Currently CO.Z continues to impact the lives of his supporters through entrepreneurship and music. His passion for music has driven him to a purpose of affecting people with the positive vibes through his lifestyle throughout communities around the world.



He has been nominated for several awards, by the Liberia music awards and Liberia Golden Awards.



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