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Daniel Tom George (born September 1, 1984), known professionally as DenG (pronounce Dench), is a Liberian West African singer, songwriter and Actor. DenG is a native of Bong County Liberia and descendent of the Kpelle tribe.

DenG is the eldest child of Pastor Henry F.K. George and Getrude C. George and has two younger sisters and a brother. At the tender age of ten DenG joined his church choir where he and his family realized that he had the gift of singing.

When the Liberian civil war erupted, DenG alongside his family migrated to neighboring country Ghana, where he was able to improve his talent by singing and performing for locals while attending the Achimota secondary boarding school.

DenG later joined a singing group and wrote the majority of their recorded demos but later parted from the group due to unresolved differences.

DenG first recognition into the lime light came from his collaboration with Liberian R&B singer and songwriter Emma Smith titled I want to go. At this point of time DenG was known as an R&B Artist singing in the purist form of R&B, however studying the Liberian entertainment Industry, and analyzing its market, he realized that his genre of music required change in order to become a hit maker and to gain respect within the Liberian community worldwide.

The Year of 2013 DenG collaborated with Liberia’s Vice-President Son Tan Tan and Liberia first female Hip-Co Rapper Queen V in the hit single of the year, Jue Pa your own Pa produced by Bennie Ox. This song help set DenG up as an Hip-Co Artist and no longer an R&B Artist. DenG Later featured Tan Tan once more in the hit single Eleh leh that he co-wrote. These two hit singles introduced DenG to The Liberian Market and the entertainment world. Few months later DenG featured America based Liberian rapper E-boy on another Hit single title “African Woman” which labeled him as a hit maker and helped him develop a larger fan base.

Later that year while working with T-Bund studios located in Monrovia Liberia, DenG was able to create and release three songs that would later have Liberians nationally and internationally requesting and demanding his songs. They Vex the First released single, is a reality song that inspires people to keep thriving and ignore the actions of others who attempts to lower their motivation, determination and or self esteem. This song alone without the video granted DenG a larger fan base from all around Liberia as even governors responded to the song in a positive manner.

Having reggae feel to it, the second single A nah right which was featured in a Liberian movie and had fans requesting it before it could be released to the media, preaches against domestic violence. With Domestic Violence, being at the peak of 80% percent in Liberia and with DenG analyzing his economy and the ills within it, he was able to help advocate and establish awareness through this song. A Nah right was recognized by UNICIF which granted DenG the opportunity to tour with the united nation group; however the offer was turned down due to other plans already made.

DenG was later granted the opportunity to tour in the United States Twice in one year and tour in Australia for six months.

His Rookie year of being an artist DenG performed on the same stage as Takun J, TanTan, Queen V from Liberia and Ghanaian artists R2bees, and Nigerian artist J-Martin.

Although his goals are to work alongside the world’s best artists and gain recognition worldwide, he is currently handling his everyday obligations such as attending the United Methodist University in Liberia and majoring in Business. DenG believes he has the talent to help shine the lime light on the Liberian entertainment industry and one-step at a time he is taking the initiatives to bring that to life.




Artist Of Year (LEA)
Listener’s Choice MTV MAMA (Nominee)


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