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Tusis Shaka Foko is a talented Liberian Music Producer, artist and song writer. He was born in Harbel City, Margibi County and attended the firestone Liberia Senior High School and Graduated back in 2013.

He’s now a student of the Stella Maris Polytechnic studying Civil Engineering.

Lil Tusis is the brain behind the young female artist Brownskin and other artist such as Randy D and LyricalChronicle.

As a Producer, below are list of artists Lil Tusis has produced for:

1, Yung Classic
2, Scientific
3, T_Crack
4, Beenieking BS2
5, Eric Gso
6, J Slught
7, Teddy Ride
8, Speedo
9, Ziggy Ray
10, Mz Menneh
11, Vish
12, Elo
13, J flow
14, Young Z
15, Randy D

And many more…..

Songs produced by lil Tusis:

1_ Believe Me _ Lil Tusis ft T_ Crack
2_ Holding the ground _Yung classic ft Randy D
3_ 2 for 5 Lappa _ Mz Menneh
4_ Yawah _ Yung classic
5 _ Afro Mashup _ Brownskin
6_ Trouble Maker _ Lil tusis ft Yung classic
7_ Mommy Yo _ Brownskin
8_ From a distance _ J Flow
9_ Da News There _ Scientific
10_ Chuck Taylor’s and Gown _ Young Z, Teddy Ride, Elo , Speedo, Brownskin, Eric Geso, Ziggy Ray, (Pending)
J Slught, Zeus and D_ Ray.
11_In the rain _ Lil Tusis

He did the believe me video ft T Crack and is out now on YouTube

With all the above information, I can proudly conclude that LIL TUSIS is a treasure that the Industry needs to take seriously.

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